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Fire Films is a video-production company that focuses on engaging storytelling. "What is storytelling?". It's avoiding the commercial clichés and engaging the audience with relatable, intriguing and real messages. 

Fire Films is based in Bergen on the west coast of Norway, but we're (obviously) prepared to go wherever our story takes us. 
Through our vast experience within both social media-marketing, commercials, and fiction, we provide a versatile and original approach to visual storytelling.


We're a relatively young company, but we've already worked with a variety of exciting clients.
Care to sneak a peek?
FireFilms_0002 (With Text).png


They say film is the future. "Why?", you ask. Because no-one wants to read anything! 

Whether that's because of our limited attention spans or general laziness is unclear, but ironically you can read more about videos’ importance here. If you have the patience...
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